Using the AEGIS Boost to Enhance Battery Life

aegis boost

The new Vandy Vapor Genie is the newest member of the long list of AEGIS vaporizers. This model is equipped with a front-fill method, an advanced variable voltage output system, and a leak-proof glass tank. There is also a triple-fire button located on the bottom backside of the unit. These vaporizers are great for using in the event that you experience a leak from the bottom of your tank.

The AEGIS Boost is a new ego tank that comes with a variable voltage output system and a triple-fire button that deliver up to forty watts output. The AEGIS Boost features a rechargeable stainless steel coil and a leak-proof glass tank. It also has a front-fill method that allows for quick and simple refills and has a durable stainless steel bezel and rubberized exterior. The aegis boost comes with a vapor compression cup that can be used for storage purposes, a replaceable battery, and a replaceable mod coin.

The biggest difference between the original AEGIS vaporizer and the aegis boost is that it is not only waterproof but it is also capable of being upgraded or exchanged with the included expansion kit. The upgrade kit can be purchased separately and contains a three-volt power adapter, a stainless steel screw, and a silicone seal. It is very simple to use as all that is needed to connect the three-volt power adapter to the silicone seal is to simply place the silicone seal over the power jack of the vaporizer, which then connects to the AEGIS Boost. This upgrade kit, along with the new tank, increases the total battery life of the AEGIS Boost by roughly twenty-five percent.

Because the AEGis Boost is meant to be used with a computer, a microprocessor is installed inside the vaporizer that determines the level and type of nicotine to be loaded into the system. When a user plugs in the unit, it will perform a short circuit and create a negative voltage which starts off the computer. This results in the unit detecting the amount of current drawn through the battery and shuts the machine off until the battery is charged back up. The new battery life on the Boost can last approximately two hours before needing recharging. The same can be said about the AEGIS Vaporizer since it does not have a microprocessor.

The two biggest differences between the original AEGis Boost and the AEGIS Boost are the shape and design of the machine. Unlike the Boost, which had a tapered bottom design, the AEGis Boost features a round body that offers a full mouth-blown experience when inhaling. This is achieved thanks to the three adjustable airflow dials located on each side of the unit. The first set of airflow dials controls how quickly the nicotine is inhaled; the second set controls the temperature of the vapor emitted; and the third adjusts the speed at which the vapor leaves the mouth. Each of these three sets of airflow controls can be fully customized according to the individual’s personal preferences.

Despite the fact that the AEGis Boost is smaller than its predecessor, it is no less a powerful device. The vaporizer has an electronic button located on the front that flips the top portion of the unit open. The kit also includes a rechargeable battery, a USB cable, an electric charger and a vaporizer bag. The majority of the exterior casings of the AEGis Boost are made of stainless steel, and the entire unit is completely waterproof. This makes it perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor settings, and it is especially useful because of the adjustable top airflow dial.

Unlike most vaporizers, the AEGis Boost utilizes a technology called “rechargeable batteries”. This means that instead of having to continually buy a replacement battery or wait for a pack to be refilled, you can simply replace the coils in the AEGis Boost with one of many available models. This is extremely convenient, especially if you are using the kit in conjunction with a computer system such as an RTA (ready to assemble). Even if you are just vaping, it is extremely convenient to have your own set of coils at hand so that you do not need to constantly search for a battery or a box of coils.

To increase the amount of potent nicotine you can produce, you should utilize a dual battery power system with an AEGIS Boost. This means that you should purchase a unit with a NiCad battery and a standard 1.6ohm coil. The advantage of this setup is that you can get more power by pairing a high wattage battery with a low wattage coil. The AEGis Boost will generate a consistent flavorful dose of vapor for extended periods of time, thus increasing your overall pleasure of smoking indoors.

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