Review of Voopoo Drag 2 : A Worthy Successor to the Drag TC Mod 177W

Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 has a double 18650 Drag 2 mod and UFOrce ohm T2 below the tank. Drag the original is the best selling for many reasons: it comes with a very specific biochips, start crazy fire rapid fire fast 0.01 seconds, all at a very affordable price. That said, it has drawbacks, since even atomizers 24 mm protrude slightly, the battery lid has a little play and paint the black version is prone to scratching and wear.

Let’s see if and how the second sliding direction of this problem and how the public option kit.

Price: $ 69.95 Personal (in MyVPro)
Color: dawn, fire, fiery clouds, auroras, ink, red, puzzles, island

The strength of the range of 5-177 watts
Pause: ≤10uA
the output voltage: 0 to 7.5 volts
Output Current: 0-40 Amps
Batteries: 2 x 18650
resistance range: from 0.05 to 5 ohms
Temperature range: 100-315 ° C / 200-600 ° F
update function: Yes
Weight: 158 (± 2) g
Material: zinc alloy and resin

Kit contents
DRAG 2 177W
T2 UForce (5 ml)
UForce U2 (pre-installed)
UForce N3 (included)
the glass tube (3.5 ml)
O-ring 7 x
USB cable
GENE smartcard
Warranty Card
mod: Drag 2

Slide Vapeciga Voopoo Vinci reviews

Slide 2 is a double-18650 mod 177 watt lights. It appears only in black, but with different color options to choose from or resin. I received a “cloud of fire” which, unfortunately, my least favorite of the group. Still looks good, it’s just that others are better in my opinion. Fortunately, the great white party brand behind the mod DRAG softened slightly from the original, offering a more cautious view. And the edges are rounded at the time, much more fun to continue.

mod weighs 157 grams, 50 grams lighter than the original sheet. The paint job was much better too; Drag OG stripes on the square, but it seems to have solved this problem now. battery cover magnet is very strong, but as the first drag, there is a small play there. No rattle or something like that, but you can manually move the door.

The screen is good; clear and easy to read, but relatively low in black and white. These keys are dislocated and are also improved since the original slide. Atomizers with a diameter of 25 mm flush with the plate, but there is a small space 510 as raised platforms. Frankly, I do not know why they went with this design. It can take a while to notice, but then most likely bothered I am.

information display

Dual battery control
the duration of the breath

Five click the button to turn the unit on and off
Three clicks to change modes (power, FIT, CT – Custom Mode is the submenu)
Pressing the + and – keys will take you to a menu of sub-anyway
While the TC mode: 4 clicks to adjust Watts
Measuring mode: 4 Click to adjust the power curve or temperature
fire lock + (still warm)
Fire – screen scrolling

Menu Options

submenu power mode: M (Custom mode), SN (serial number), EDC (firmware)
submenu TC: M (measurement mode), Ω-assembly (series resistance), F (established TCR)
The menu system takes some getting used to, but I would not say this is complicated. MOD adjustment with the addition of 1 watt, but acceleration and not round. It is quite fast though.

Gene chip known power and precision of the performance mode and drag 2 very good. air conditioning, however, is meh. A the same as with the Voopoo Too show new, I found having excellent dry protection and temperatures reached more or less accurate overall, but TCR exclusive and most importantly numbering, the limit of 80 watts TC a major drawback. If one considers the use of control vaping temperature exotic slide 2 with the coil, you may be disappointed. It’s good for the rolls MTL style however, because no additional energy and default working on stainless steel TCR is needed

This mod is also the FIT mode, which comes with three presets: Flt1 (drums), FIT2 (taste) and Flt3 (cloud). After playing with it for a while, I think the only thing to do is read the right strength and power with power FIT1 into low, medium and high FIT2 Flt3. Recommended Voopoo FIT mode UFOrce in the tank, but trying on the reel, including tank T2 UFOrce arrived disappointing vaporizer. They also say that this method does not refer to fixed; I tried on MTL coil 0.7 ohm, and I think that was fired was significantly higher than what I want. In my opinion, the definition of fashion is a hit-or-miss, and found no real use for it.

Tank T2 UFOrce
Scroll Voopoo 2 reviews
I like the look UFOrce T2, adopting this kind of minimalist design that makes it look more “professional” than the average tank is low ohm you. It is about 25 mm, substance, glass bubbles with an additional 3 mm. Spread over T1, I can see some small differences. Three slot slightly greater airflow, and replaced by geometric shapes carved with grooves that look much better in my opinion. In addition, 5 mL glass bubble looks like a very good fit, is something that can not be said of all secondary ohms deposits there.

Capacity decreased to 3.5 ml with a straight glass, but the tank is also compatible with the rest of the glass tank Voopoo Drag get code to 8 ml.

This tank has a pressure filling port Boy; He tipped the bottle at an angle of filling. drip forward is 810, but both with double O-ring, and the tank is not compatible with most styles Goon 810S. I do not understand this design option – I have some tips and dozens Goon drops of this style, and I think this is the case for many vapers there.


U2 two parallel coils 40-80 ohms nominal 0.4 / watt: 55-65 watts (included)
N3 three net nominal 0.2 ohm coils 65-100 watts / best: 75-85 watts (included)
Compatible with U2 / U4 coils / U6 / U8 / N1 / N2 / N3 / R2 / D4
There is also a rebuildable coil (R1), but I think Voopoo stopped producing due to out of stock everywhere I checked.

T2 UFOrce airflow is much narrower than the three slots of the airflow to make us believe. fully opened compared to freemax Pro airflow mesh with less than half open. For me it was the perfect amount of airflow, but if you like the lungs directly superwide sweaters you may want to look elsewhere.

three net taste very good reel product and dense vapor. Voopoo nailed Watts recommendation, because I found better cook approximately 75-80 watts. It is also an excellent center, but is beginning to suffer a little more than 90 watts high VG my juice. Do not forget before the first use; there are a lot of cotton between the three bands of mesh are and take long for the e-juice to reach this area if not properly prepared. No retrograde drainage or gurgling, and the tank is not leaking at all, even if left open overnight.

double parallel coil is a bit of a flashback, but an average coil watts remained excellent. Very good flavor and a good choice for use with single battery mod UFOrce T2; and the other coil, Vapeciga Voopoo PNP precisely recommends a range of 55-65 watts. Beyond that, I prefer the triple helical mesh is better overall and will last just a little longer.

pros and cons
There is no wrong with tank 25 mm
painting work update
round toe
Lighter than the original slide
fast and accurate fire
various resin panels to choose
great flavor and dense steam net triple loop
dual parallel coil is the use of means watts communication
Fully customizable and smoother airflow
elevated platform 510 that creates a gap
Limit the TC Watts fashion
Touch the battery cover
FIT is the way to overcome empiricism
The deposit is not compatible with fashion tips Goon
Some may find the T2 airflow somewhat limited

My biggest problem with the Drag 2 mod is the vacuum created by the lifting platform 510, then reading the battery cover. If you do not mind the inconvenience, and if you can not use the CV mode high power, then there are chances that you will enjoy it. The price is reasonable, accurate and smart home fixes some problems of its predecessor bestseller. Just drag innovative as the original, but it does the job. A pleasant surprise came from T2 UForce tank, which exceeded my expectations with its triple mesh coil. With the kit priced at only $ 10 more than the model itself, obviously.

The voopoo vinci click in slide set in increments of 1 watt, which I personally like, but not the round robin and move slowly when you write are met. yes Mod quality construction is dropwise a mixture of things.

No Rattle key level enumeration 1.8A load levels. I did some basic tests with USB meter line and more I get is 1.6 A for what I consider to be assessed accurately. They list 4400mAh battery which means the possibility of two cell 2200mAh which we know is a series. I have no way to prove it, but in normal use the battery is one of the best ever obtained from an internal battery model. In addition, there is no charge cycle that turns on and off all the time most mods similar charges against a constant load. I think this was done to protect the battery and allows a higher level of costs and not much, but it’s worth mentioning.

paint the model is best saved for me then slide 2. Slide 2 all colors have a black frame. I can get back to normal clothes, but I do not have chipping and scratching with slide 2. I do not know why he went even better in person. beautiful and lovely resin. I hope they use the door on the other side of the resin and not a logo pull the giant doors. trigger buttons are a good size and nice concave circle and dislocation. It works well and is never caught or anything much as it should. 510-pin gave me no problem and spray all and well done and built, but it was a little high and did not feel empty all the spray appears to have a crack. Mod atomizer 24 mm flush handle with beveled edges. 510 is not placed in the center, for some reason, almost in the middle, but then, then back. the screen is black and white screen as small as the original route. It is also rather strange. I noticed even in the entire software and still a low bit rate. Screen disappointing for sure. I would have liked a better screen. There is also focused on the screen by dragging 2. In addition to the logo mod yourself without a great attraction sign at the top of the battery fan is not all. resin panel is supposed to match the other side.

What do you think of the slide set 2? Please let me know in the comments.

You can buy here:voopoo

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