All About the AEGIS Boost Pod Modulator

Aegis Boost Pods is a revolutionary product which is a superior alternative to the traditional modems available in the market. These superior variants are compact and have a superior range of features, along with a user-friendly interface and a variety of advanced electronic components which make them a popular choice amongst a wide range of users. These devices can be easily used, thanks to their user-friendly and simple to operate modes, which can help you enjoy the benefits of a vaporizer while you are on the go. The revolutionary and advanced technology provided by the Pods allows you to change the percentage of vaporized oil/fluids in a cartridge without the need of a separate device. Thus, it is a very economical and a practical choice for a smart modus operandi.

aegis boost pod mod

Geekvape AEGis Boost Pod Mod – The new vaporizer from GeekVape is a unique compact design, which is manufactured by the industry leader VandyVape. The new vaporizer utilizes a revolutionary new technology called Smart Paste Technology. It has a small yet powerful motor, which is capable of producing vapor at high pressures. The vaporizer produces a stream of hot air, which is sufficient to heat the oil in the MTe coil. This forces a separation between the oil and outer metal shell, thus producing a flavorful vapor, with a rich aroma.

VandyVape AEGis Boost Pod Mod – The AEGis boost pod mod has a compact form factor, making it a perfect choice for a wide range of hand held and portable vaporizers. The outer metal casing and the motor within it have been encased in a precision-tuned silicone material. Thus, the unit utilizes a rechargeable high-energy lithium battery, which is extremely durable. The AEGIS boost also utilizes a standard 18awg cable, which makes it compatible with a wide range of vaporizers and chargers. The unit also includes a charging cable and a universal voltage adapter.

Some of the highlights of this product include the fact that it is extremely compact and lightweight. It also utilizes a single high-energy lithium battery, which greatly extends the life expectancy of the device. There are two modes in the Geekvape aegis boost pro, which allows you to adjust the strength of the vapor output, by adjusting the amount of power supplied to the atomizer. Furthermore, it has a variable airflow control, which can be adjusted according to your personal taste. The AEGIS boosts comes with a charging kit, which is included in the price of the product.

If you would like to experience a truly customized experience when using your AEGis, the company recommends that you use a preloaded wick. This way, the coil never needs to be replaced, as it is continuously heated by the AEGIS and therefore will provide you with a consistent, high wattage vapor output. The preloaded wick will have a similar amount of wattage as all of the individual wicks that come with the system, so there will never be a concern about getting a single wick to fire up and run down. Additionally, the preloaded wick allows you to increase the airflow control, without decreasing the wattage output.

If you do not have a lot of experience when it comes to modding your AEGis, you might want to consider a more experienced user. The Geekvape AEGIS Boost Pod mod comes with a chip that is user friendly and compatible with just about any AEGi body. The chip also allows for a custom airflow control, which will allow you to set the airflow at whatever level you choose. You can also use the backside of the AEGis to change out the battery, so that you can change the wattage and change the mod. There are a variety of different chipsets to choose from.

The Geekvape AEGis boosts also have a few other unique features. They have a variable airflow dial, which allows you to adjust the amount of air flow through the system. By adjusting the airflow, you can customize the strength of the clouds in the summer, or the strength of the clouds in the winter. With a little bit of experimenting, you will find exactly the right strength for you. You can also turn off the AEGIS unit at night, so that it does not draw excess power. This feature alone could save you a ton of money on running costs!

The AEGIS Boost Pod Mod has a few drawbacks, but overall this one is a great buy. The ability to change out the chipsets and upgrade the wattage makes it a great addition to any Airsoft player’s arsenal. By controlling the airflow, the chip selection and the ability to add extra power to give players a lot more options than they used to. It is also a great system to keep a stock of. When the chips are gone, they are gone with a full 40 watts.

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