AEGIS Boost Vaporizer Review

The GeekVape AEGIS Boost is a desktop vaporizer, which produces a powerful cloud-like vapor. The device is equipped with a dual battery pack that allows it to be used on the go. The unit also contains two separate heat elements for additional steaming power. This is the most advanced and vapor friendly vaporizer available in the market today. The AEGis Boost has several user favorites and can be yours when you use the recommended charger and adaptor.

aegis boost

The Jack Rabbit Pod Kit from the geekvape aegis boost has an extended battery lifespan, comparable to other leading products, an intuitive interface, a top filling cooling system, a variable airflow control, interchangeable heads, replaceable filters, and a whisper-quiet operation. It is also IP67 water resistant and dust proof, so it is capable of surviving even the worst conditions. It also has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be charged while the air cooler is on, so there are no worries about low battery alerts.

The AEGis Boost’s key selling point is its unique Cloud EVAP Turbo system. This innovative vaporizing technology propels your vapor through the chamber and upwards into the air where you are vaporizing it. With this unique design, the entire smoking experience changes from a normal electronic cigarette to a vapourizer. When you are finished, the chamber will empty automatically, but this system allows for a “top off” session so you can enjoy a full flavor vapor before you need to recharge. The AEGis Boost Cloud Pod Mod Kit includes a chamber and replacement filter, which can be easily changed according to your personal smoking style.

The AEGis Boost features a user-friendly electronic cigarette that has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It is comparable to a cigarette, with a long stainless steel neck with a push button on the side. It’s portable and lightweight, making it an ideal vaporizer for travelers and the occasional vaper. It comes complete with a jackaroo rechargeable battery and a charger, along with a replacement pod mod kit that can be used with the AEGis Cloud Turbo.

The Cloud Pod is very easy to use, even though the company hasn’t published any instructions. It uses the same controls that the Cloud EVAP Turbo has, including an adjustable top airflow system. The only difference is that the AEGis Boost includes a removable coil, which allows you to change the airflow control. While this may not seem important to some, the ability to change airflow is an important part of increasing your vapor output and decreasing your time spent on a traditional device.

The Cloud Pod includes three different power settings, which can be changed by turning a one-hand switch. There are also two clock settings, with variable wattage and intensity. In addition, the unit includes a clock/power button combo and a temperature mode, with an optional battery door key. The temperature mode allows the unit to use a low power setting while in sleep mode, allowing the unit to maintain a constant temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The clock mode offers five different wattage levels, all with an optional auto-resume option.

The AEGis Boost produces a nice steady draw, similar to that of many other vaporizers. The internal heating element is rated for only three watts, so that you can get a quick and easy draw without using a lot of power. In fact, the AEGis Boost uses a very small, but powerful quartz heater that is rated at fifteen watts. The quartz heater heats up the interior of the air chamber quickly and provides a clean burn with very little smoke produced.

The AEGis Boost includes a pod system that you can connect to your vapor kit. The pod system allows you to have an electronic music source, like a CD player or MP3 player, that will also charge the batteries on the AEGis Boost while you are enjoying your vapor experience. This means that even if you are not ready to use the AEGis Boost when you are finished, the battery life will still last you quite a long time, as long as you keep the electronic music device charged and ready to go. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy the vapor that you produce with your own personal vaporizer, the AEGis Boost is a great choice.

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