AEGis Boost Vaporizer Review

The new Aegis Boost is a vaporizer that makes a great alternative to the normal fruit juice and herbal based vaporizers. The Aegis Boost is very compact and is made out of high quality materials. The Aegis Boost PRO is a completely new vaporizer that is extremely well crafted. The sleek and elegant design of the Aegis Boost PRO makes it a pleasant accessory to any paper’s collection. In addition, this vaporizer makes a great choice for those that enjoy herbal vaporizer’s and are looking for a more advanced model.

aegis boost

This vaporizer consists of a stainless steel tank that contains a dual chamber that houses a ceramic plate that heats up the herbs as they are placed inside. There is a stainless steel mouthpiece that makes it easy to fill or replace your original atomizer with the aegis boost. This product also comes with a durable carrying case.

The aegis boost comes with a convenient dry herb tray. The entire vaporizer is very compact, making it an extremely convenient vaporizer to have. It has a unique and modern look that matches even the most modern vapes available. The vaporizer features a standard size battery and a rechargeable battery.

The aegis boost pro has a unique and innovative glass jar that allows the flavor to be infused into the oil as it is poured into the glass jar. The design of this jar allows for the air to circulate and maximize the flavors freshness. The aegis boost pro also features a stainless steel plate that heats up prior to use. This plate is designed to protect the battery and prevent damage to the battery. The battery is rechargeable by plugging in the USB-C cable into a USB port on the computer. This allows you to use the aegis boost anytime you feel like using it.

One of the best features of the aegis boost is that it is portable. This vaporizer is very small and can fit in a pants pocket. The battery can last over 4 hours continuously on high. The aegis boost comes with a USB-C cord, which plugs into a USB port on your laptop or computer. You can also use the cord to charge other devices, such as cell phones. One of the great things about this vaporizer is that you don’t need batteries and no longer have to worry about buying several batteries when the power is low.

Most people agree that the vaporizer in the AEGis Boost kit is the best thing they have bought for their personal enjoyment. When you get the unit, you receive two separate pieces of the vaporizer, the base and the glass stem/bowl with the auto shut off. This makes it easy to quickly put the kit together and go to work. You just load up the glass stem/bowl with the herbs and put the auto shut off into the back of the unit to turn it on and ready it for use.

You will not be disappointed by the quality of the AEGis Boost. It has a sturdy build and durable glass piece. When you compare it to other vaporizers in it’s price range, you will not be disappointed. The only thing that might make it a little cheaper is if you buy it from a site that sells the aegis pod kit, which will probably be around double the price. If you still want the Rta, then you might be able to find it at a store near you or online.

The AEGIS Boost does have some negatives. It takes a little time to assemble but the material used in the kit itself seems to hold up well. The pod also tends to leak a bit, especially when you use the top-fill feature. These things are a result of the different materials that are used in the vaporizer, but the overall performance of the AEGis Boost is a great overall purchase.

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