How to Vape Correctly and Inhale Properly?

If you are new to vaping, it is often hard to find a proper way to inhale from a vape device and it is because people tend to forget that vaporizer is not a cigarette. Many smokers feel uncomfortable when the vape steam directly hit their lung. It needs to take time to find the best e-liquid to fit their needs, and the way they use a vape device is totally different than a cigarette. Before knowing how to vape correctly and properly, the first thing to know is how the vape device works.

How does a vape device work?

The structure of most vape devices is similar. They all require a battery power source inside the vape mod, and it heats up the coil thus vaporizes e-liquid inside the atomizer. The vapors inhale the vape steam through a drip tip to their mouth. A whole complete vape system calls a vape device. It is not working if separated by individual components.

However, some experienced vapors like to DIY their vape mod. Buying small parts of vape device and mixing them together can fit their best vape experience. For the beginners, we suggest starting with the vape mod set, vape pod, or disposable vape until you find your way to have fun with the DIY mod.

Are Vape Devices and E-cigarettes the Same Thing?

Yes, e-cigarettes and vaping devices are synonymous. Ever-evolving slang or brand names are also used to refer to vaping, such as “JUULing,” or“blowing clouds,” a nod to the smoke “cloud” produced by exhaling chemical-filled aerosols according to

How To Use A Vape Device

If you don’t have any smoking experience or a beginner in the vape field, You will need to know what kind of vape devices you can purchase right now. There are four generations of vape devices that can be found by reports. Also, you can find your favorite vape kits in Vapeciga online vape shop.

Disposable E-cigarettes

  • A type of e-cigarette designed to be used one time only.
  • These devices are not rechargeable or refillable.
  • They are discarded when it runs out of charge or e-liquid.
  • They are designed to mimic the look and feel of combustible cigarettes.

Vaporizer with Prefilled or Refillable Cartridge

  • A type of rechargeable e-cigarette, or vaping, product desgined to be used multiple times.
  • E-liquid comes in prefilled or refillable cartridges. Substances may include nicotine or substances.
  • The cartridge is attached to a battery pen
  • Cartridge and battery pen are typically purchased separately. They can be bought in starter packs.

Tanks or Mods

  • A type of rechargeable e-cigarette, or vaping, a product designed to be used multiple times.
  • They are modifiable devices mod, allowing users to customize the substances in the device.
  • Sub-ohm tank contains low resistance coils. it is designed to create a large cloud with a stronger delivery or hit of nicotine or other substances.

Pod Mod

  • Pod mod is an e-cigarette, or vaping, product with a prefilled or refillable pod or pod cartridge with a modifiable system.
  • There are many pod mods that come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • There are compatible prefilled pod cartridges that contain nicotine, THC, or CBD with or without flavoring.

4. How do I inhale vape?

Two types of vaping techniques can be chosen and the way you use them usually depends on the different concentrations of nicotine you select.

  • 12mg to 60mg is high concentrations of nicotine
  • 6mg to 12mg is medium concentrations of nicotine
  • 0mg to 6mg is low concentrations of nicotine


MTL vaping is best suitable for smaller sized vapes using high pure nicotine with higher resistance coils. This sort of vaping appears like smoking a cigarette closely and provides that similar type of throat hit that many smokers crave. Three steps to MTL vaping

  1. How to vape properly is to slowly draw a vape device into your mouth, hold it with your mouth closed for seconds.
  2. Open your mouth, and also breathe the vape into your lungs.
  3. Breathe out after the vape steam is in your lungs.

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