Facts about vape

Vape is not absolutely harmless, but it is far less harmful than cigarettes. Our advice remains that smokers should switch to vape altogether, but if you are not a smoker, don’t try Ijoy vape.
This article clarifies some of the most common misconceptions surrounding vape and provides basic facts and propositions.

1. Distance nicotine vape has nothing to do with American lung disease
In August last year, cases of severe lung injury began to appear across the United States. In the following months, 68 people died of this lung injury across the United States, article blog but the cause of the disease has not been immediately discovered.
The outbreak of this particular lung disease will only affect specific groups of people, and the increase in the proportion of cases quickly reached an inflection point. Based on these facts, we wrote to the “Lancet” magazine and stated that otherwise “low-quality” illegal cannabis vape products may be a crime in Quebec The culprit.
However, in response to this particular pulmonary disease outbreak, regulators around the world have begun to require nicotine vape products to be removed from the market, while cigarettes are still available. This greatly discourages cigarette users who want to switch to vape.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Since then, relevant American authorities have admitted in advance that vitamin E acetate added to vape products is the main cause of this lung disease. British regulations stipulate that vape containing nicotine must not contain vitamin E acetate.

2. Switching to vape can improve blood vessel health
A controversial research report published by the Journal of the American Heart Association stated that the risk of heart disease for vape users is no different from that of smok-the report was recently withdrawn by the Journal of the American Heart Association because the study did not take into account Almost all vape users are still cigarette users or used to be.
Regarding the effect of vape on the heart, another randomized controlled trial published in December 2019 evaluated the effect of smokers on blood vessels after switching to vape, and the results were encouraging:
Those smokers who switched to vape altogether experienced significant improvements in vascular health, almost close to the healthy “replacement” level. In the future, research with a reduced scale and time span will increase the confidence of vape users.

3. Vape is far less harmful than cigarettes
In fact, the fact is that the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) research found that vape is far less harmful than traditional cigarettes.
The 2015 independent report of the Department of Public Health of the United Kingdom concluded that: “Although smoking timesvape may not be 100% safe, vape does not contain most of the chemicals that can cause cigarette-related diseases, and the chemical substances contained are also harmful. Very limited.”
More research is needed on the “relative harm” of vape. Last month, Public Health England has commissioned an international team of experts to write the most important report in the series of obs vape reports.
The expert team is composed of the authors of previous reports and other international experts. The team is beginning an extensive systematic review (including a security review) and will make the most authoritative assessment in 2022.

4. It is not nicotine that causes cancer but cigarette smoke
40% of smokers and ex-smokers mistakenly believe that nicotine is carcinogenic, and evidence shows that nicotine is the least harmful to health. Nicotine is the cause of addiction to smokers, but the excessive amounts of many other chemicals in the burning process of cigarettes are the chief culprit for all the harm.

5. vape can assist smoking cessation and the effect is significant
In February 2019, the National Institute of Health (NIHR) funded a large-scale clinical trial. This clinical trial involved nearly 900 participants and found that the effect of steam crave vape in helping smokers quit smoking is a two-way effect of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).
An independent study by University College London (UCL) found that vape helps 50,000 to 70,000 cigarette users in the UK to quit smoking every year.

6. Vape has no second-hand smoke problem
There is evidence that exposure to second-hand cigarettes is harmful to health, which is why British law prohibits smoking in closed public places and workplaces. However, these laws do not include vape, and organizations can formulate their own regulations on vape.
The main ingredients of vape oil are nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerin, as well as various flavorings. Unlike cigarettes, vape does not emit sidestream smoke into the atmosphere, only aerosols.
The 2018 report of the Department of Public Health of the United Kingdom found that there has been no health hazard to the health of people around vape smoking. In the 2022 report, the Department of Public Health will review the relevant evidence again. Of people may cause irritation to the baseline environment. Public Health England has advised organizations to consider this and adjust relevant regulations where appropriate.

7. The proportion of British youth eleaf smoking will not rise due to vape
According to the survey report, the proportion of vape users among young people is extremely low, and these users are basically those who smoke cigarettes. At the same time, it should be pointed out that the smoking rate among young people in the UK continues to decline.
Public Health England will continue to monitor young people’s trends in vape and cigarette use. A study in 2019 relieved people of the harm that vape might cause smoking rates to rise. The effect of flavoring on vape in adolescents is different from that in adults.

8. It is very important to improve vape regulations
According to the 2016 Tobacco and Related Products Regulations, vape products containing nicotine should meet minimum quality and safety standards, and must also meet packaging and labeling requirements, and provide consumers with the necessary information, so that consumers can make wise decisions.
In the UK, vape-related advertising has been strictly restricted, and manufacturers must thunderhead-creations also report all product details to the UK Medicines and Health Products Administration.

Yocan Uni Review: vv-box-mod-650mah is available

Yocan Union Pro

Vapeciga yocan uni is a larger and more sophisticated version of the Union. Its larger size is used to accommodate other new features, adding the precise voltage control and an OLED display to monitor voltage levels. In all other respects, it is similar to that of the EU, as it maintains an innovative adjustment function that lets you use shutter the size of the cartridge. If you want to see more closely how different the Arab Union Pro base, keep reading.


Kits and Accessories

Yocan Uni / Uni Pro Yocan

510 magnetic threaded connectors

micro USB charging cable

Compatibility: The Union and the United Pro supports pre-filled cartridges THC and CBD oil.


Design and features

Union Yocan Design

yocan design united

The Union has an adjustable flap that keeps the cartridge size does not matter.

Union stand out clearly from a field full of style battery box 510 due to some unique design details. One of the first thing you’ll notice is a button just below the opening of the cartridge holder. It is used to adjust the opening of the container shutter which allows it to accommodate cartridge diameter. You just turn the knob until the sealing flange firmly on the cartridge so that rattle around or change.


It works in conjunction with other important features, the lever at the bottom of the stack that fits the cartridge chamber of three different heights. So, now you can choose the distance you want to channel your cartridge to keep it out. magnetic connector 510 is higher than normal to activate this feature. The combination of these features make the Union truly universal meaning, which is Uni-battery that can adjust the type of cartridge.


Increasing comfort, the Union has a window that lets you see the level of oil cartridge whatever altitude you choose. The power button is perfectly placed high in the device and the USB port on the side, which will be maintained while charging. Is made of aluminum and zinc alloy so is very durable and has a weight well. Kingdom is a very easy to carry as additional features are high and slightly wider than the other batteries 510 in this price range. It also has three settings Voltage: 3.4V | 3.8V | 4.2V. However, it is likely to stick with the biggest.


Pro Design Union Yocan

Yocan Union Pro Design and Functionality

Union Pro has a geometric design of the Union for a more angular body and the power button and turn the control voltage and has a triangular design of each.

Union Pro has an updated to reflect the new control voltage OLED display brand and design. It feels more angular than the initial Union spine protruding shallow at the top and bottom of the front end of the device. Just below the ridge is in a power button new design, which now has a square shape instead of a round shape of the original Union. Here an OLED display and at the bottom, right hand above the lower back is a control key triangular voltage.


Under the ridge also include other major changes from the original, as this is where the USB port is located very near the top of one side of the basic Union. Overall, the new image according Kingdom Pro, is a geometric design more than ever, providing a more robust design language. In addition a new placement of the USB ports is improved because you can put the Pro Union or standing on both sides while charging. It is the same height as the computer so that the original Pro is still a real device.


Features Yocan Union

Yocan uni show new battery 510 is not exactly rich. In fact, simple and easy portability operation is part of its appeal. Out of the container adjustable cartridge, the Union keeps things simple.


Yocan Union Pro Features

Of course, adding the precise control of temperature Kingdom Pro most important feature because it gives battery customization adjusted to 510.


How to use

Union Yocan

yocan how joined use

The Union has a lever that changes the height of the cartridge chamber.

screw cartridge magnetic adapter and place in the chamber.

Use the buttons to adjust the trigger to hold the cartridge firmly in place.

(Optional) Use the lever to adjust the height of the most comfortable cartridge.

Press the power button to turn the device five times.

Press the power button three times to select the voltage setting.

Once the voltage is reached, the inhalation of the mouthpiece.

Yocan Union Pro

Using Pro Yocan Union

Union Pro has an adjustable set of the blind with the Union in order to accommodate a variety of cartridges 510.

screw cartridge magnetic adapter and place in the chamber.

Use the buttons to adjust the trigger to hold the cartridge firmly in place.

(Optional) Use the lever to adjust the height of the most comfortable cartridge.

Press the power button to turn the device five times.

Use the control voltage to select the voltage level.

Once the voltage is reached, the inhalation of the mouthpiece.

The yield and quality of the vapor

Yocan Union and the Union of Pro Performance

Performance United yocan

There are three voltage settings in the Union, a large room for flavor, while the highest is generating a large cloud.

The Union and the Union Pro is capable of safely supporting any cartridge that is used with them without any problems. adjustable trigger did a great job keeping each cartridge nice and tight without rocking or looseness. It height adjustment is also ideal, as it means that the cartridge can be adjusted for comfort or stealth. highest is more comfortable elevation, but the cheapest for a great yocan uni click in low profile. It heats fast times and so I have no complaints on that front.


Steam Union Yocan Quality

While it is good in theory have some control voltage, in practice, it is pretty useless with the Union. This is because most small fried super ultraportable has a single voltage regulation, and rightly so. The reason is that they have usually not much force, if the agreement would not be logical, just out of the higher voltage battery is capable of producing.


Thus, with the Union, there is really no good reason to choose than the higher voltage. The only reason you want to do is that if you want to save battery power. Otherwise, each cartridge is best used served by the highest voltage level. It preheating is useful, but only with a cartridge having a silica or ceramic shaft. I would not recommend using a function with a cotton wick because they can burn.


the quality of the vapor Union Yocan Pro

Adding tension Kingdom Pro granular control gives a slight edge over the basic Union. Now you can more accurately select the desired voltage level rather than having to rely on pre-selection. This allows you to choose the level of tension is a better fit your style of vaping. Having said that, you still get a great experience with the basic Union, the Union Pro gives you more options.


Battery performance

The Union and the Pro Union has a capacity of 650 mAh, which is good for the batteries. What it is good for about 200 strokes, although the amount varies depending on the strength of the cartridge used with it, setting the voltage and frequency of use. When the yocan uni get code, you do not have to wait long for a cost of less than one hour.


The main disadvantage of the EU is that there is no indicator to show the amount of juice left, so soon may die if not loaded on a regular basis. Union Pro has an integrated monitor battery level on the OLED screen, making it easier than Arabic.


UK or Pro?

Yocan Union and steam Quality Performance Pro

Union Pro have a variable voltage control, which gives users greater control over their experiences vaping.

Because there is not much difference in price between the two, the decision is whether the additional features of the Pro Union is for you. If you want the maximum amount of customization and control of his truck 510, the Pro Union’s what you need. If you do not mind giving up some control for convenience, the Union should be your choice.

The only other Union Pro has more advantage that the Union is that it allows better control of the battery level. Ultimately, you can not go wrong with the two models, so there will be no remorse buyer, what you choose.

You can buy here:yocan uni


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